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Vehicle Delivery Services

Vehicle Delivery Services, a division of Onelogix (Pty) Ltd, is a major operator in the auto-logistics arena both within the borders of South Africa and throughout the Southern African region.

VDS's head office is in Pomona, Kempton Park and has an active fleet of over 200 trucks and trailers.

VDS specializes in the cross border car carrying market. It services the entire Southern African Development Community (SADC) region.

VDS has a depot in Harare and offices in Lusaka and Beit Bridge.

Within the local market fully fledged depots in Kempton Park, Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town ensure that VDS is a truly national player, able to offer efficient and comprehensive services to multi-national manufacturers, importers and other smaller businesses.

Our Services

Private Vehicle Transportation

We offer individuals the option of once off private vehicle transportation for purposes such as holiday moves, student vehicle movement, relocating of vehicles together with residence or whatever other particular vehicle delivery and transport needs you may have.

This remarkably cost-effective service is available both within South Africa and the Southern African sub-region.

Dealer Moves

We offer motor dealers the option of once off larger dealer moves, inter-dealer swaps, non-contractual moves and deliveries to private clients.

This cost effective option is available both within South Africa and the Southern African sub-region.


Do you require the movement of a staff car or perhaps the re-allocation of fleet vehicles? We have a remarkably cost effective option available to you.